Gause Missions: HAITI

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What is Gause Missions?

The Gause Missions trip is for young men and women to develop an understanding and appreciation of life. Through this experience, students will build long-term relationships with their colleagues and with the international children they serve. This expedition is setup to aid in the development of an internal desire for servitude and a respect for humanity...

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.
— Ibn Battuta

Why Haiti?

Haiti is in desperate need of economic  improvement. The lack of market activity has led  to tremendous unemployment, food scarcity and poor education.

  • Haiti is ranked 149th out of 177 on the 2009 United Nations Human Development Index.
  • Port-au-Prince is ranked 213th out of 221 on the 2010 Mercer world cities livability index.
  • The World Food Program reports that food supply covers only 55% of the population.
  • Haiti ranks among the worst three countries in the world in daily caloric intake per person.
  • 42% of children less than five years of age suffer from stunting of growth.
  • Literacy rates in Haiti for the general population were 45% in 2010.
  • Unemployment is now 90% in Haiti and 80% of Haiti’s people live in abject poverty.
  • There are over 400,000 children without parents in Haiti. 1 out of 5 will die before age 5
  • There are still over 17,000 children in Mission of Hope’s surrounding area that will never go to school, due jointly to lack of money and lack of schools.

Trip Details

Program we are using:

  • Required age to travel: Minimum age for a minor traveling with his/her guardian is six years old. If any minors are going on a trip, a member of at least 25 years must be accompanying to chaperone, with signed permission to take responsibility of the minors while traveling.
  • Travel Identification: Students and chaperones traveling on this trip are required to have a passport! You will not be allowed into Haiti without one. Check with your post office for a passport application, go to the U.S. Department of State web page: If you are applying for a new passport, please allow 4 to 8 weeks for this process. All travelers should bring a photocopy of the first two pages of their passport in their carry-on luggage.
  • Trip Includes:
  1. Lodging
  2. Transportation
  3. MOH expenses
  4. Beach day at Wahoo Resort
  5. Partial food: Do I Need To Bring Food? MOH will be giving a required materials list from the stateside Mission Trips Coordinator. MOH will prepare most of the meals for you and other visiting groups’ meals throughout the week with these items. The Gause Missions team will enjoy a variety of both Haitian and American meals. Haiti is an exporter of peanuts!! If you have this allergy it may not be safe for you to travel to Haiti. Also, MOH uses peanut butter on the food buffets several times each week. If you have additional food allergies (gluten, dairy, etc.), you will need to bring supplemental food, as MOH are not able to avoid cross contamination. Due to kitchen limitations and lack of storage space, this food needs to remain with you and needs to be non-perishable. MOH purchases 80% of the food items in country. These items we ask teams to bring in help keep MOH running in the areas of supplies we cannot purchase in Haiti.
  • Mission Trip Program Break Down Total Cost:
  1. Flight Cost: $700
  2. MOH Program Cost: $575,  Includes room board
  3. Emergency & Insurance Cost: $400
  4. Total Trip Cost = $1,675
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